29 February 2016
February 2016

For the first time in Nepalese history, 6 banks have merged, and ABMS is conducting this assignment with the help of 34 people.

Santosh Timilsina explains: 'We are taking it as a challenge and an opportunity: as a challenge, we have to complete the project within a short time; as an opportunity, this is a mega merger and the success will determine the success of ABMS.

We have set some new strategies to pitch for new clients like bidding in association, bidding in joint venture with a renowned firm, which has helped us to secure clients and share experience and methodology.

We are pleased that despite the adverse situation of Nepal this year viz. devastating earthquake, Parties strike & blockade, we have been able to some attract valuable assignments.

The matter of pride is that Nepal has promulgated New Constitution which was long awaited by the Nepalese people for 8 years.

At last, presently we are a team of around 30 people in ABMS which shows that we can handle big assignment too. We can assure to you all that if you refer assignments, we can handle with quality works. For kind information to IAPA members, Nepal is a virgin market for new developments like IFRS, ISAs, Valuations, M&A etc and the following industries have great exposure eg. Development Sectors, Multinational Companies, FDI etc.

Please feel free to contact in following address for any referral.

Santosh Timilsina





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