08 October 2019
October 2019

IAPA CEO, Ozgur Demirdoven has been invited to speak at the upcoming VI. Eurasian Forum of Accountants and Auditors by the Association of Professional Financial Managers of Azerbaijan Republic.

The conference held over three days from 10-12 October 2019 in Azerbaijan, will host 32 keynote speakers from all over the world, covering international audit and accounting topics.

Many from the financial sector will attend to learn from the experts about digital transformation and risks in the financial system, issues of increasing the role of accounting and auditing factors in providing qualitative economic development, and even discover the challenges and solutions for the audit of SMEs and the directions of application of innovations in audit.

The forum will also host keynote speaker Ozgur Demirdoven, IAPA CEO, to provide an insight into “A Real Story of an International Organization: It is all about Relationship and Trust!”

The President of Azerbaijan Republic commented “Our entire financial system must be transparent. All businesses must be transparent. Business structures should understand that, if they want to integrate into the world economy, to enlarge their business and get access to foreign markets, - I see that it’s there; - they should apply the world practices. They should be subject to international audit and raise the entire accounting system up to international level. All cash transactions should be transparent. Otherwise, no one in the business world will accept them.”

Covering a diverse range of topics, the forum will also incorporate matters of application of corporate governance and control systems in Azerbaijan, the role and future perspectives of accounting and audit in entrepreneurship development and issues of application of information and communication technologies in the process of production of official statistics data.

Ozgur Demirdoven stated “Azerbaijan is a very important county for me, where I worked and lived for two years in my career. It’s like my second home and I am glad to be back with such an honourable invitation from the Association of Professional Financial Managers of Azerbaijan Republic. Therefore, I am extremely pleased to be invited to speak at this notable forum again for the second time, where I was a keynote speaker in the first forum 6 years ago. and to be able to share my journey, learnings and knowledge with like-minded people.”

To find out more visit: https://accountancyeurasia.org/eurasian-forum-of-accountants-and-auditors-2019/

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