28 January 2019
January 2019

IAPA International is delighted to announce several new strategic partnerships with key corporate providers to bring extra services to its member firms and help them achieve even greater business success. 

An initiative developed by new CEO, Ozgur Demirdoven, the strategic partners will range from technical to marketing partners, all offering added value and competitive advantage to IAPA firms and their clients.  In just 6 months of being appointed CEO, Ozgur Demirdoven is absolutely thrilled to confirm the following collaborations with more in the pipeline for 2019:

  • TaxBack International

IAPA member firms will now have an instant access to leading VAT epxertise and reporting technology to assist any global VAT enquiries, a niche service area that many firms do not specialise in.   An IAPA member firm can now offer ‘Global VAT compliance and reclaim’ services to clients through this partnership.  Taxback International will further sponsor IAPA events and provide technical training to members during specialist forums.

Taxback International’s service offerings cover

  • VAT Registrations, de-registrations, and threshold monitoring of business’ globally
  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns in almost every country with VAT/GST legislation in place.
  • Fiscal representation services
  • Foreign VAT Recovery service on travel and AP
  • Domestic VAT recovery service on Travel
  • VAT consulting, audits, and Tax Office correspondence management.
  • CaseWare IDEA

CaseWare Analytics is a fintech company focused on providing solutions for auditors, finance professionals and compliance officers.  IAPA members can now access the widely used CaseWare IDEA software at greatly reduced rates.  CaseWare is pleased to be organising IAPA webinars for Spring 2019, free of charge.  More information to come shortly but in the meantime please see this short video explaining how IDEA can help IAPA firms with financial statement auditing:  https://youtu.be/zrqx_K3dZRc

  • Practice Ignition

An Australian based software company that helps accounting firms to; reduce debtors, reduce write-offs, reduce admin time/costs and improve client experience. This strategic partnership aims to highlight how technology can create high-impact efficiencies in small-medium sized practices, offering significant cost reductions to interested parties.  An amazing tool that will be showcased to IAPA members at events and via specific webinars. 

Dave McKinlay, explains: “At Deloitte Australia, our success with Practice Ignition has been outstanding; we have reduced the time to create an engagement letter by 90%, reduced the time to annually re-engage clients by 87%, reduced debtors by 98%, reduced scope creep related write-offs by 25% and as our clients no longer have to “print-sign-scan” our engagement letters, we’ve had a reduction of 58% in time to receive signed engagement letters.” 

  • Yasha Consulting & Training

Effective marketing is one of the most important keys to a successful business.  IAPA is delighted to team up with Yasha Consulting, which specializes in Marketing Strategy Development, Marketing Communications and Leadership Coaching. Yasha Consulting delivers interactive workshop sessions at IAPA conferences to help members ensure they have strong and sustainable customer focused marketing plans and investment.

IAPA CEO Ozgur Demirdoven stated; “I am really delighted to formally confirm the agreements with our amazing strategic partners.  These are wonderful win-win collaborations where our IAPA members and clients can gain additional benefits in the form of expert marketing advice, global VAT compliance and reclaim services as well as insights into new and exciting highly sought after software – offering our members greatly reduced rates. 

As the professional service industry develops and technology advances, as an association we want our members to have access to the best advice to maximise their knowledge, efficiency and effectivess that will lead them to even greater success.  Members have been very impressed. 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! We still have various new opportunities to explore to expand our strategic partners throughout 2019.  I am excited about the future for IAPA as our membership is rapidly growing and will be able to reap the benefits from these new collaborations.  I look forward to seeing these partnerships go from strength to strength.”

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