13 November 2017
November 2017

BCCT officially launches GREAT British Business Club and MED YMM ve Bagimsiz Denetim A.S. (http://www.medymm.com.tr) became one of it’s first member!

BCCT launched its new initiative – the GREAT British Business Club – with a cocktail reception & dinner at the British Consulate General in Istanbul.

The GREAT British Business Club is a new networking community initiated by BCCT in cooperation with the Department for International Trade, for British Companies that have established presence directly or through a partnership in Turkey.

MED YMM ve Bagimsiz Denetim A.S. (http://www.medymm.com.tr) who is also tax and accounting advisor of BBCT became of of the first member of The GREAT British Business Club.

The event brought together HM Trade Envoy to Turkey Lord Janvrin, HM Ambassador to Turkey Richard Moore, HM British Consul General in Istanbul Judith Slater, representatives of Turkey’s Investment Agency ISPAT, as well as the Members of the recently established GBBC.

During his speech, Lord Janvrin pointed out how trade helps strengthen relations between countries, and how this was illustrated at BCCT’s Business Forum in London on October 2nd. Lord Janvrin also emphasized how trade is an essential activity for both the UK and Turkey, how the two countries share an affinity for entrepreneurship – and how the Great British Business Club can play the role of platform for interaction, cooperation and opportunity creation.

Turkey is now the 2nd country after the US where GBBC has been launched. Aiming to include small, medium and large British companies having investments in Turkey, GBBC is also open to Turkish companies with British Investment. The Club will thus be a network of professionals, enabling mutual cooperation and unlocking opportunities for its members in the context of commercial relations between UK and Turkey.

DIT will host and organize four events throughout the year that will be co-ordinated with input from the Steering Committee and Club members. The events will all have different focuses that relate to business as well as topics of interest to the Club.

Above: Our Managing Director Ozgur Demirdoven with the British Ambassador to Turkey Richard Moore and British Consul General to Istanbul Judith Slater in the inaugurtion of the Great British Business Club – to support U.K. Businesses in Turkey

What are the objectives of the Great British Business Club?

  • Enable introductions, cross referrals and partnerships among the community,
  • Provide a soft landing and mentorship for new to market companies
  • Provide a forum for knowledge transfer on doing business in Turkey,
  • Provide an opportunity to work with DIT and BCCT to develop your business across Turkey,
  • Build the British brand in Turkey.

Photo Gallery: https://www.bcct.org.tr/chamber-news/bcct-officialy-launches-great-british-business-club/63495#nanogallery/my_nanogallery/6473058506988770977

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