How to Handle Leadership Challenges in Uncertain Times – Coaching Your Team Through Crisis

WEBINAR, 26 May 2020 2PM GMT,

“Men are not prisoners of fate but prisoners of their own mind.” Franklin D.Roosevelt

This pandemic is like nothing we have experienced before! The last couple months have put an incredible strain on business leaders who try to make sense of it all, whilst making decisions in this volatile environment. The covid-19 crisis and what is yet to come in the global economic landscape demands from you fresh new thinking. Also, the future will necessitate new ways of connecting with your teams and wider stakeholders. This interactive webinar is going to focus on how you can raise your game and not just survive but also thrive as leaders and teams;

- How do you and your team cope with uncertainty?
- How do you keep your team engaged and motivated?
- How do you prepare your team for the next chapter?

We look forward to seeing you