05 January 2024
January 2024

What is Web Scraping, how is AI Involved, and what are the implications?

So, what is web scraping, and where does AI come into the equation?

Carlo Impalà from Morri Rossetti reported that on November 22, 2023, the Italian Data Protection Authority (the “Authority”) announced that it had opened a consultation regarding the collection of personal data that is online to train the algorithms which form the basis of artificial intelligence (“AI”) systems. Specifically, the consultation will focus on public and private websites to assess their adoption of adequate security measures to prevent the large-scale collection (also known as “web scraping”) of personal data for the purpose of training AI algorithms by third parties.

By providing personal data online, websites, indeed, as data controllers, are required to ensure that appropriate security measures are adopted to prevent such data from being unlawfully used by third parties, for example, for different purposes than those for which they were originally collected. In this regard, as is well known, the purpose behind the training activities of AI systems is precisely a massive collection of information and personal data available online for specific purposes (such as, news reporting, administrative transparency, social media disclosure) reused to train and nurture such systems and, thus, enable them to regenerate, recreate, reprocess and reuse the information for a multitude of purposes not made clear at the time of data collection.

Moreover, the consultation aims to collect comments and feedback from various market players, such as business associations, consumer associations, experts and academics representatives in order to identify adopted and adoptable security measures against large-scale data collection.

Read on to understand the full scope of the consultation as well as:

  • What part does AI play?
  • What are the legal aspects concerning and arising from web scraping activities?
  • Which security measures could be adopted?


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