08 September 2023
September 2023

Launched in 2019, Project Osservatori acts as an editorial tool that stimulates and enhances the integration of expertise on a specific topic to provide a ‘vertical’ specialist service - in line with the market’s growing demands and expectations in Italy.

Coordinated by Dr. Davide Attilio Rossetti, named partner, the 'Tax Reform Observatory' is intended to be a monitoring tool of the various phases in which the reform project of the national tax system will be articulated, providing the reader not only with a careful analysis of its contents, but also with food for thought on the opportunities and possible criticalities that this reform may provide.

Tax Reform Observatory aims to inform and update the reader on the ambitious tax reform project wanted by the Italian Government. It aims to become a tool to monitor the various stages of the project related to the reform of the national tax system, providing the reader with an accurate analysis of its contents as well as food for thought in relation to the opportunities and possible criticalities that this reform may cause.

To learn more about the 2023 Tax Reform Project I Click Here.


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Source I Morri Rossetti

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