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IAPA's March Issue of Dispatchwork

IAPA is pleased to publish the March 2018 issue Read More


Measuring Organisational Performance!

Does your firm have the right organisational measures in place to improve performance and drive better results? Measuring the performance of what your employees are doing and how they are contributing, as well how your firm is performing, is critical to enable you to enhance what is working, or improve what is not. Read More


IAPA discusses evolving technology and greatest challenges for 2018 with PAR

IAPA appears in Public Accounting Report's February issue, discussing the greatest challenges its member firms face in 2018 and how IAPA helps them overcome these. Read More


Relaunch of IAPA Deutschland National Group completed

On 25th January 2018, Frankfurt, the IAPA German member firms met to re-establish the National Accounting Group (NAG), IAPA Deutschland. Read More


IAPA appoints new firm in Kuwait

IAPA is delighted to announce the appointment of Almashourah - Public Accountants based in Kuwait City. This is IAPA's first member in Kuwait, strengthening the IAPA EMEA region. Read More


IAPA recruits 7 new firms in 3 months

IAPA’s growth over the last 3 months has been very exciting, especially with new firms in key strategic recruitment areas and new representation in Mexico, Brazil and Luxembourg. Read More


IAPA warmly welcomes new firm from Mexico

We are pleased to announce the new appointment of Braun Huerin SC, based in Mexico City, IAPA's 7th new appointment in 3 months. Read More


IAPA Tax Bulletin: January 2018

Countries featured in this edition are Brazil, Cyprus, France, India, Saudi Arabia and the USA. Read More


IAPA Deutschland recruits new German firm

BWT is a multidisciplinary accounting, audit and tax firm based in Munich providing an integrated consulting approach committed to the highest standards of professional services. Read More


IAPA Asia Pacific sub regional meetings; China and India

The theme of the Qingdao, China, event was ‘Win-Win Co-operation’ and the event welcomed delegates from IAPA’s Asia Pacific region who had significant business interests with China. Read More