CEO Blog - January 2020

Dear Members, this is the twelfth issue of my “Blog.”

In this issue, I will cover December 2019 and January 2020 activities.

But first thing first; bushfire season is nothing new to Australians, but this summer has been calamitous — and it’s far from over. Thousands of Australian families have lost their homes this summer. People have lost their homes, their farms, their businesses. Far worse, some people have lost loved ones. I extend our most sincere condolences on behalf of IAPA Family to our members and neighbours on the other side of the globe. I am sorry for your heartbreaking losses of loved ones, property, and lovely community.

After our International Conference held in Singapore between 21-25 November 2019
I would like to take the opportunity to update you on some of the highlights in December 2019 and January 2020.


A very effective “Thinking Ahead” meeting with John Cunningham and Bridgette about how we can improve our relationships between IAPA International and ACCA, whilst offering further benefits to IAPA International members. Thank you for your hospitality...










ACCA Turkey Office Visit

Visited ACCA Turkey office Filiz Demiröz, Head of ACCA Turkey and New Market Development in Istanbul. We had a chance to discuss the potential collaboration possibilities in Turkey and Developing countries. Thank you for your hospitality...










Irwin Mitchell Visit

Visited Bryan Bletso from Irwin Mitchell and Avrio Advocati to thank him for attending IAPA International Singapore Conference. Thanks for the morning coffee...











Dr. James Bellini Visit

Met with IAPA International 2018 Miami International keynote Dr James Bellini in London. Thanks for the great discussion James, it is always inspirational talking with you.








IAPA Centre Team Event

On 6th December in Farnham, the International Centre Team and I had our team event over lunch. It is always great getting together and socializing with the team, especially before year end, where you take stock of where you came from, and have a moment to think about where you are going, as we pursue the future with hope. IAPA International centre team we wish you a happy new year and festive season. May peace, love and prosperity follow you always.










UK200Group and IAPA Centre Teams Festive Dinner

UK200Group and IAPA International teams gathered on the 6th December, for a Festive dinner at the Aviator Hotel. It was a great opportunity for both teams to get to know each other. Thank you for the invitation and organization UK200Group










AICPA Digital CPA Conference

Attended and represented IAPA International at DCPA19 the theme was “Age of Innovation!” Innovation is reshaping the traditional areas of practice in the accounting profession, and CPAs who want to position their firms for success can gain the latest intelligence and insights about this shift at the Conference, sponsored by the American Institute of CPAs and its technology arm, CPA.com. With IAPA International 2019 US Conference keynote speaker Michael Cerami. It was great catching up Michael!










I enjoyed every minute of #DCPA19; Three days full of content, new learnings, great speakers, deep discussions and very good networking sessions. Biggest Digital sectorial event and very worthwhile for me to attend.

You may find the conference materials in the following link useful: https://aicpaconferences.com/aicpa/conferences/1353/view. Please communicate with our centre team in case you are having a problem downloading the materials.

My takeaway from this conference is that our sector is a pioneer in the digitization compared to most of the other industries, there is now discussion on the new licensure model for new comers. We are addicted to improvement of our services with “continuous learning, peer review and digitization initiatives”. “The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.” Nicola Tesla.

I would like to thank the AICPA and CPA.com management team for putting together such an innovative conference, great initiative! With Michael Cerami, Erik Asgeirsson and Mark Koziel.

Looking forward seeing you guys again in March at the AICPA associations and networks meeting.








Ralph Crump Meeting

IAPA International auditor Ralph Crump from RALPH CRUMP ACCOUNTANTS LIMITED has visited the HQ Office in January 2020, where we discussed audit planning 2019-2020 financials.

Increased scrutiny from members is driving the need for more rigorous financial management and reporting in our sector, I would therefore, like to thank to Ralph for his efforts in preparing the IAPA International independent examiners (audit) report on an annual basis for presentation to our members in Annual General Meetings.










Ecovis Wingrave Yeats Visit

Visited UK200Group 2019 Annual Conference keynote Reuben Barry from ECOVIS Wingrave Yeats in his office. We discussed how the data analytics market is evolving, shaping our industry and providing external opportunities to develop services to our clients. Thanks for the warm welcome and quality discussion. Hope to collaborate more in the future.











International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) Visit

Visited Joe Pickard and Zoya Malik from International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) to congratulate their new Editor roles in the organization. We have discussed the trends and updates in our industry. Thanks for the great discussion.










UK200Group Blog

- The link below is my latest blog for UK200Group published in December 2019:

o “A Focus at IAPA International; In the latest UK200Group blog Ozgur Demirdoven discusses how IAPA has developed since he became CEO: https://www.uk200group.co.uk/news-and-blog/Blog/blog-16601.aspx

9 member offices visits in 6 different countries

I had the chance to visit 9 member offices in December and January. We have closed 2019 in the same manner and started 2020 with a fresh enthusiasm and vigour. Our organization exists because of our members! Members are always energizing me, visiting their offices and feeling their energy shows the strength of our organization. Thanks for having me in your offices.

Current Member Visits in December 2019 and January 2020:

- Price Bailey, Mayfair Office, London-UK: I conducted a special visit to IAPA International Member Price Bailey LLP’s Mayfair office, Jitu M Shah. Real gentlemen. Jitu M Shah opened his office to me when I became IAPA International EMEA Chairman in 2017, and chaired my first IAPA International EMEA Regional Board meeting. I made a promise to return after I became IAPA International CEO to convey my sincere thanks and gratitude; I was pleased that I was able to keep my word on one of my visits
to the UK and good to see you again Jitu M Shah, and your beautiful wife Priti. Thank you for a valuable discussion over lunch










- Vane Dahlen, Seattle, WA, USA: IAPA International visiting US member Vine Dahlen Seattle, USA member. Amazing timing, they are about to change their logo, so I am using their new logo, for the first time! Great, successful and unique firm in the sector. Founded in 1964 by a woman named Ann Vine, who was one of the first female public accountants in Washington State. She was joined by Ron Dahlen in the early 1970’s, Vine Dahlen PLLC was formed. Vine Dahlen PLLC offers help with taxes, auditing, financial statements and consulting, for businesses and non-profits with around 40 professionals.

The positive energy and harmony in the firm during my visit was clear. IAPA International are proud to have them as a member.

Their tax partner Scott Minnig, who was a previous US Regional Chairman had invited me and I would like to thank him for his support through the years.

Whilst there I read an interview by The Herald Business Journal in 2015 with Vine Dahlen PLLC Partners, worth reading, so sharing the link below: https://www.heraldnet.com/business/lynnwood-accounting-firm-finds- formula-for-success/ Thank you very much for your great hospitality










- Morris + D’Angelo, Portland, OR, USA: IAPA International is increasing its’ footprint in the USA. Visited new member’s Portland, Oregon Office. Great to be in their Portland Office with Brian Dazey, Joseph McCaffrey and Sarah Myers-Mitchell. Thanks for having me!










- Kaya & Bekler, Istanbul, Turkey & Kaya, Bulut, Süerdem Attorney Partneship, Istanbul, Turkey offices: While in Istanbul for festive season, I visited IAPA International Accountancy Member Kaya & Bekler and Legal Member KAYA | BULUT | SUERDEM ATTORNEY PARTNERSHIP offices. They are growing at pace while increasing their professional staff from 30 to 45 and planning to move to a new office in June 2020. Well done Thanks for the hospitality. Season’s greetings and best wishes to all IAPA International members for a successful 2020 from our friends in Istanbul, Turkey.










- Westtreuhand & Marsoner + Partner, Innsbruck, Austria: Fast start to the new year with great news! Our longstanding Austrian member, Westtreuhand (https://www.westtreuhand.at) has merged with Marsoner & Partner (https://www.marsoner.at)! They now have 3 offices in Tirol Region: Innsbruck, Rankweil and Bludenz. Angelika Hellwerger has supported IAPA International for many years, and hosted 2004 EMEA Regional Conference in Innsbruck.
- On behalf of IAPA International, I visited Angelika’s office to thank her for supporting our Association over many years before her retirement, and to welcome the new Partners Johannes Marsoner, and Werner Tschapeller from Marsoner + Partners. So happy to have such great members in our organization. Thanks for your outstanding hospitality! Started the year on top of Alps and setting the standards to the highest level in 2020! Happy New Year to All!










- Price Bailey, London City Office, London-UK: Visited Price Bailey LLP London City office. Welcomed by 6 partners. Their London City office is growing at pace, already reached 70 people. They occupy half of the floor and will be full floor in their building soon after refurbishment. Well done! We have also discussed the details of our Transfer Pricing Conference which will be organized in Milano, Italy on 24 April 2020 with Jay Sanghrajka. It was great seeing our members on their offices. Thanks for the hospitality










- Ellacotts, Banbury Office, UK: Visited Ellacotts Accountants HQ office in Banbury, UK. One of the founding firms of UK200Group with over £6,2m annual fee income, 95 people across their Banbury, Kettering and London offices. Ellacotts Accountants have been delivering smart, tailored solutions to our clients for 60 years. They have achieved amazing growth performance in the last 8 years with their “investment on people strategy”. They will keep investing in people during 2020 to align with their strategy.

- Congratulations for their courage and belief in their team strategy. They are also proud of their charity support and recently raised £9,500 for the mental health charity Mind. Well done!
- I would like to extend thanks to David Stevens and Ann Bibby for their warm welcome and hospitality!










• New Member Visit in January 2020:

o Prunetto Holding AG (Prüfag AG and NRS Treu Hand AG), Zurich & Baar, Switzerland: New member from Switzerland. We have started the year with a new member from the heart of Europe! Prunetto Holding AG has 2 companies under its’ holding structure, and both became IAPA members as of January 2020.

1. NRS Treuhand AG (According, Tax, Payroll Services) http://nrs- treuhand.ch/en/
2. PRÜFAG Audit Ltd (Audit & Assurance) http://pruefag.ch/en/

o Probably some of you have already met their Partners, Daniel Carotta and Thomas Rutishauser at our Singapore conference. Company founded in 2008 by ex-KPMG managers and 2 offices in Switzerland; Zurich (HQ) and Baar (Branch). They have USD3m annual fee income and 19 employees in total offering full faceted services in their 2 offices.

o I would like to say a warm welcome on behalf of all IAPA Members to our new member and thank them for their great hospitality during my site visit.

o Dear Daniel and Thomas, welcome to IAPA Family!










Asia Pacific (AP) Board Meeting

AP Regional Board meeting took place on 16 January 2020, via a Zoom Conference call, I would like to thank the AP Chair Arun, and Board for inviting me to their meeting, we have discussed regional matters inclusive of the preparation of upcoming AP Regional Conference 20-22 March 2020 in Manila, Philippines.

IAPA AP Conference, Manila, Philippines, 20-22 March 2020

We are delighted to announce that registration is NOW OPEN for “IAPA Asia Pacific Conference” which will be taking place between 20-22 March 2020, Manila Philippines. Please Register here >>>

The event has been organized in Fairmont Makati Hotel, and to book and enjoy the special IAPA guest room prices aligned with the conference registration please click here >>.

• Open to all IAPA Global members and guests.
• FREE-OF-CHARGE for IAPA Members and guests.
• Fantastic social/networking delegate and guest programme.
• Book your room directly with the Fairmont Makati Hotel, using the link provided by the conference registration (to benefit from special rates).

To view the draft agenda please click here >>

So don’t forget to block those dates in your agenda and book your flight tickets.

Looking forward seeing you at 2020’s first IAPA event.

For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our office.






Closing Remarks

I am inspired by the one of the greatest minds “Nikola Tesla” in my closing remarks of this blog:

“We build monuments to speak to the future, to say, “We were here. We have lived.” A true legacy is not what we build up to the heavens or carve deep into stone. And rocks will crumble, paper disintegrates, and bone turns to powder. Only that which is not in the physical realm and reaches in both directions can be eternal. Our ideas. They are what we leave behind. And only they are what can push us forward.”










Greetings from IAPA International Office. Happy 2020! We wish you a happy and successful new year where you can leave great ideas behind!

Hope all of you and your families had a wonderful time over the festive period, wishing you all the best for the new decade.

All good wishes,

H. Ozgur Demirdoven