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Wilkins Kennedy announces Canterbury merger with Lakin Clark

Top 20 accountancy firm, Wilkins Kennedy, has announced a successful merger with Canterbury based firm Lakin Clark, with effect from 1st May 2016, bringing the total number of UK-based offices to 15. Read More


Bertora Asociados, 11th largest firm in Argentina

IAPA member firm, Bertora Asociados, 11th largest auditing firm in Argentina, as published by magazine Prensa Economica. Read More


Update from Stark & Stark, Israel

Iris Stark was appointed as the representative on the Tax Committee of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants and amongst many matters, also presents tax issues to Israeli parliament members. Read More


Hydrocarbons exploration in the Cyprus EEZ

The indications of the presence of significant quantities of hydrocarbons in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Cyprus and the decision to proceed with their exploration may prove to be a tremendous opportunity for the island. Read More


ACPAPP Appoints Managing Partner of G. Pagaspas Partners & Co., CPAs as Committee Chair for Taxation

“Being part of the team will be a great opportunity for the furtherance of advocacy on tax education throughout the country and empowering local practitioners….”- Mr. Garry Pagaspas, CPA. Read More


ABMS has been appointed co-partner for due diligence audit of M&A in Nepal.

For the first time in Nepalese history, 6 banks have merged, and ABMS is conducting this assignment with the help of 34 people. Santosh Timilsina explains: 'We are taking it as a challenge and an opportunity: as a challenge, we have to complete the project within a short time; as an opportunity, this is a mega merger and the success will determine the success of ABMS. Read More


MED IDEA Bilgi Yönetimi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has become German Audicon’s exclusive distributor in Turkey.

Audicon is a company specialist for Data Analytics and Data Acquisition. Read More


Price Bailey and Cross Border M&A

Price Bailey’s Strategic Corporate Finance team, led by Simon Blake whom many of you will have met at conferences, is delighted to announce the latest cross border deal to be completed. Read More


Norberto Bruschi appears in Mercado bulletin

Norberto Bruschi discusses boosting SME's in Argentina, the engine of the regional and national economy... Read More


GPR moves offices within Miami

See the new address Read More