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The world is changing, fast! In the realm of leadership, the advantage belongs to those who can foresee and act decisively.

In today's fast-paced world, the old ways of making decisions and leading organisations are under threat. At Tensense, we have been working closely with the accountancy industry for many years and have seen firsthand, how leaders seek to balance the dual requirements of being great accountants while leading in these complex and challenging times.

Accountants provide a valuable and compelling story for their clients with numbers. Tensense complements this story with Organisational Sensemaking™.

What’s Organisational Sensemaking™?

In the current landscape, where financial foresight is more critical than ever, leaders often struggle to get the “real story”. Financial data lags behind what is happening “on the ground” and by the time the first set of negative financial results are produced, the organisation has lost valuable time in addressing unseen issues that can impact financial performance.

The beauty of lies in its ability to deliver these predictive insights within a user-friendly environment. We equip accountants with intuitive dashboards and actionable reports that inform strategic decision-making, risk assessment, and opportunity identification.

Paul Dickson, MD at Armstrong Watson was happy for his company to be the subject of a presentation at IAPA's Global Conference last year, demonstrating the contribution Tensense played in keeping their organisation “ahead of the game”.  

Tensense works together with clients to revolutionise its approach to organisational performance prediction. This leap forward not only creates a competitive edge for accountancy firms but is a transformative step in how we think about and prepare for the future.

As an IAPA Business Partner, Tensense is extending IAPA Members a chance to test the proposition, free of charge. For anyone interested in this offer, please contact Mike Roe for more details.

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