Special Interest Groups


International Employment

The trend towards globalisation means that many businesses are becoming responsible for employment activities across the world, by aligning company policies and procedures with local labour laws to regulate the workplace. This SIG includes topics such as Labour Law, HR Policies, Employment Contracts, Payroll & social security, Pensions and Immigration. Find out more >>


Facilitating International Business

The prevalence of international business has increased significantly during the last part of the twentieth century. To ensure success in a foreign market, businesses must understand the many factors that affect the environment, including economy, politics, culture and competition, and effectively assess their impact. This SIG supports and facilitates international business between IAPA members and to improve business, investment and trade climate for all members. Find out more >>


Transfer Pricing

The special interest group for Transfer Pricing is aimed to gather members from different jurisdictions in order to share experiences and competences to offer an international services network to multinational enterprises (MNEs). The challenge of the method used for pricing transactions by Tax Authorities can be costly for MNEs, as it can result in extended disputes and litigations, leading to double taxation, interest on tax underpayment and substantial penalties. Find out more >>


Technology Working Group

We understand that technology is evolving at an unprecedented speed. It affects each of us every day in almost all facets of life and business. Accounting and finance professionals need access to the latest technology information, tools and resources to best serve their clients or support their organisations. Our 'Technology working group' includes all areas of technology e.g: Blockchain, cloud, cybersecurity, big data, deep machine learning, AI, RPA etc. Find out more>>