26 October 2020
October 2020

Deal or no-deal, Luxembourg is expecting to emerge as one of the biggest winners from Brexit, as it hopes to pick up a fair amount of business from the UK. Some 26 UK companies have settled here since the Brexit referendum and many more are likely to follow before the end of this year.

Luxembourg is the second-most popular EU relocation destination for post-Brexit London jobs after Dublin. Companies that are moving their operations to Luxembourg, want to ensure continued access to the EU single market after the Brexit transition period ends on 31 December 2020.

In the past few years, many foreign companies made a choice to move their operations to Luxembourg. As the UK leaves the single market, Luxembourg may seek to become the EU’s new financial hub, which could prompt companies to move to a more stable economic environment.

The key features for choosing Luxembourg could be summarised as follows:

• gateway to Europe
• business-friendly environment
• stable and reliable economy, with a high quality of life
• attractive and safe work environment 
• skilled and talented multilingual workforce
• outstanding digital infrastructure 
• logistics hub in Europe
• inclusive and multicultural approach
• high-performance R&D and innovation ecosystem

Luxembourg’s strategic location, highly skilled work force, and business friendly policies that encourage innovation, makes this an attractive option for businesses looking to expand their footprint into the European market. Fiduciaire Alpha, the IAPA member in Luxembourg, would be happy to assist you and your clients with relocating to Luxembourg and in providing a full range of professional services.

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