30 January 2019
January 2019

IAPA is absolutely thrilled to announce the appointment of 9 new firms in the EMEA region.

These firms were previously members of the ‘International Association of Professional Advisers’ and, following the vote of acceptance for their organisation to join IAPA at the 2018 International AGM in Miami, have applied and received approval to become members of IAPA. 

Not only does the addition of these firms strengthen the already strong EMEA region generally, but also enhances IAPA’s geographical coverage in two new countries; Switzerland and Poland. 

Thomasz Wiklinski from the International Association of Professional Advisers said:

"A year ago, during the Board meeting of International Association of Professional Advisers we discussed the future and possible ways of development of our organization. We found setting up a co-operation with IAPA International as one of the best options and planned activities to initiate it. It was my big surprise when the very next week I received a message from Ozgur Demirdoven with similar proposal. We sat down at the table, started discussion and getting know each other, involving members of both organizations. We recognized that we shared the same values and similar view of the future. During General Meeting our members said unanimously ‘yes’ to this idea and today we are one organization. I am very enthusiastic about this co-operation and trust that together we can create bigger value for our members and their customers, serving them better in a larger number of countries.”

Ozgur Demirdoven, IAPA CEO, comments:

“I am very excited now we have closed this deal. It has been a natural fusion of firms and a fantastic opportunity; a great story of success for both sides. The whole process took exactly 1 year and finally we are here! Hence, special thanks goes to Tomasz Wiklinski, President of  ‘International Association of Professional Advisers’, for his tremendous support and patience during this process and also to all the nine members’ Partners for trusting us for widening their horizons. Welcome to the IAPA Family!”

We warmly welcome all 9 new firms and wish you every success:

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