30 April 2019
April 2019

Dear All, this is the fourth issue of my “Blog”.

A new month is with us; the month of the flowers, the fifth month of the year and also, the month in which huge and important celebrations take place! Welcome May!

I would like to refer to Egyptian culture in the introductory part of my April Blog where I was very impressed during my last IAPA Egyptian member site visit. What I have seen, ancient Egyptian culture can be summarized under the three main categories;

  • Environment: Early civilizations often adapted to and tried to alter their environments. The Nile River in Egypt made successful agriculture possible because it flooded annually and deposited a new layer of nutrient-rich soil each year. This flooding was so regular that the ancient Egyptians set their three seasons—Inundation, or flooding, Growth, and Harvest—around it.
  • State building: Agriculture and the development of cities gradually led to the development of states. Centralized states were able to organize large numbers of people and resources. Rulers often claimed divine kingship, the idea that a ruler was favoured by the gods, which gave them more legitimacy and power.
  • Culture: Early civilizations developed urban planning, monumental architecture, and systems of writing and record-keeping. Ancient Egyptians used monumental architecture such as pyramids as a way to honour rulers. They also developed writing systems, which were used for recording economic and political information, as well as literature. Ancient Egyptians engaged in trade with Mesopotamia to the east and Nubia to the south. These exchanges of goods also facilitated the exchange of culture and ideas.

What an amazing culture started over eight-thousands years ago and lasted around six-thousand years! That is very inspiring to create our own IAPA culture which should last ages like the Egyptian one but of course in a modern, transparent and democratic way.

Another busy, productive and fertile month for our organization. Let me update you with financial numbers;

  • Financial Dashboard 
    • Slightly changed mainly because of the changes within the UK200Group.

Here is the 2019 Conference Agenda, all dates are confirmed. Please mark in your dairy:

  • IAPA Events: 
    • IAPA EMEA Regional Conference, Mallorca, 2-5 May 2019
    • IAPA USA Regional Conference, New York, 28-30 June 2019
    • IAPA Canadian BHD Regional Conference, Alberta, 4-8 September 2019
    • IAPA UK200Group FIFO, Manchester, 27 September 2019
    • IAPA UK200Group Regional Conference, Liverpool, 13-15 November 2019
    • IAPA International Conference, Singapore, 21-24 November 2019.

What is NEW!

  • NEW! IAPA - AICPA Partnership Agreement
    • As publicized on 15 April 2019, we have signed a partnership agreement with AICPA (Association of International Certified Professional Accountants).
    • To sum up the agreed benefits for IAPA members:
      • IAPA is a member of AICPA under FANS Program as of today.
      • All members will get 20% discount from all AICPA Trainings and materials.
      • If a member is already a AICPA member, then they will get an extra 20% discount. Which means 40% discount in total!
      • All members will get 15% discount on AICPA conferences.
      • All members (inclusive US and Canadian) will get CPE credits from those programs with the discount.
      • AICPA will reference IAPA with Channel Management and Development and will focus on the relationship.
    • If a member has any questions on the code created for IAPA, please contact Tina Sanford as detailed on the flyer.
    • I’m very excited that our organization will share thought leadership with AICPA together for 2019 and beyond!
    • Please enjoy the benefits of the partnership and IAPA Membership!
  • NEW! First “Research and Office Executive” is appointed!
    • I am glad to inform you that Ms. Joanne Smeets started with us as “Research and Office Manager” on 16 April 2019. Welcome to the IAPA Family Joanne! She will be attending our EMEA Conference in Mallorca, Spain, so that you have a chance to meet her face to face. Another reason to register for the conference 😉
  • NEW! IAPA New Website is live!
    • As promised, it is done! Please enjoy our new IAPA Website: www.iapa.net
    • Please use it and come back with your user experience feedbacks, so that we can improve the website during Phase 2.
    • Also, if you see that your firm’s information is not up to date, please contact with Taberna Sansom to make sure it is corrected
  • NEW! More Members Videos on the way!
  • NEW! IAPA USA Conference is open for registration!
    • USA Regional Conference, 28-30 June 2019, New York, USA.
    • Conference is open for your registrations, please go to the IAPA Portal https://iapa.net/portal log in and click on Current Events.
    • We have created amazing program with our hosting member Schulman Lobel, so please join us.
  • NEW! IAPA EMEA Conference Update!
    • IAPA EMEA Regional Conference, Mallorca, 2-5 May 2019
    • We have reached 72 people! This is the record for the last 3 years! Thank you for the interest and support for your organization. Glad we have you!
  • NEW! UK200Group Events
    • We have decided to promote our UK NAG Events in our website as well. So, through this way, you can get updated by the continuous events hosted and organized by UK200Group and enrol on them easily. There are a lot of events which can be found in https://www.uk200group.co.uk/events/events.aspx.
    • I am just listing the next 2 in May for your interest:
      • HR Forum, organized by UK200Group, 01 May 2019, The Cavendish Hotel, London: Aimed at HR professionals and Partners/Managers who have a responsibility for developing their Firms people agenda. It is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and network with peers within member firms.
      • The new Innovation and Technology (IT) Forum, organized by UK200Group, 15 May 2019, The Cavendish Hotel, London: Established to help members gain an understanding of what software and hardware developers are doing. To leverage collective knowledge and experience within the group, build consensus and influence in the wider market place. The first meeting of the forum will look at innovation amongst member firms, hear from speakers in emerging areas such as blockchain and AI and provide opportunities for our key software venders to engage with us on their own development plans.

More member benefits: Free IAPA Webinars! Please find the May and June Agenda below:

  • Webinars: 
    • IDEA Webinar - Advice from the C-Suite: How to get Started with Automated Auditing, 8 May 2019
    • Coaching that delivers a great performance, 10 June 2019.
      • (Hosted by Sean McLoughney – Learning Curve Improving Performance)
  • Representation
    • We had a joint team meeting with UK200Group, hosted in IAPA office on 25 April 2019. It was a very fruitful session expanding our bonds for the collaboration and future benefits of our members. Thanks Declan and the teams.
  • My Visits
    • As written in Egyptian proverbs “each trust you learn will be, for you, as new as if it had never been written”. That is very correct and important and makes each of my site visit more valuable for me, our members and our organization.
    • Current Member Visits in April 2019:
      • Studio Piazza Associati, Milan, Italy
      • Morri Rossetti e Associati, Milan, Italy
      • Fathalla & Co, Alexandria, Egypt
      • Fathalla & Co, Cairo, Egypt
    • Thank you for your great hospitalities!
  • Congratulations!
    • Price Bailey named again in The Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to Work For 2019Price Bailey, recently awarded National Firm of the Year at the British Accountancy Awards, has been recognised for the second year running by The Sunday Times as one of the UK’s ‘Top 100 Companies to Work For’ in their 2019 survey.
    • Morri Rossetti included in the prestigious guide 2019 EMEA in the #Legal500 Practice Tax, Corporate M&A and TMT.
    • Morri Rossetti is among the finalists at the Top Legal 2019 Industry Awards, in the categories, Food, Sport, Technology, Media and telecommunications. Furthermore, the lawyer Carlo Impalà is a finalist in the Technology and Media categories.
  • Sri Lanka
    • As you know, we had a very successful AP Conference in Sri Lanka between 8-10 March 2019, where we were hosted by our Sri Lankan member SWT Associates and their partner Wajira Kaluarachchi. This conference took place in The Cinnamon Grand Hotel, Colombo.
    • Unfortunately, in Easter Sunday, 21 April 2019, we all woke up with news which is too cruel to be true! I am so sorry to hear about the attacks to Sri Lanka, where we were organized our AP Conference in one of the blast hotels and organized a dinner on the other one just 7 weeks ago! Very sad what is going on in this beautiful country and to their beautiful people. Just made contact with our member, relieved to hear that they are all safe and in good condition. Thank god. 🙏 We stay united with them and our prayers are for this beautiful nation.

As I finish my March CEO Blog, I would like to be inspired from Egyptologist Salima İkram;

“Judging by the numbers of tombs and mummies that the ancient Egyptians left behind, one can be forgiven for thinking that they were obsessed by death. However, this is not so. The Egyptians were obsessed by life and its continuation rather than by a morbid fascination with death. The tombs, mortuary temples and mummies that they produced were a celebration of life and a means of continuing it for eternity…For the Egyptians, as for other cultures, death was part of the journey of life, with death marking a transition or transformation after which life continued in another form, the spiritual rather than the corporeal.”

So, in IAPA we are inspired by the ancient Egyptians and cultivating the eternity culture as an organization, where our members and international business community will enjoy the benefits of this fertile business community. As noted in the Egyptian Book of Death “All things are possible. Who you are is limited by who you think you are.”

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