03 November 2017
November 2017

IAPA is delighted to announce that during the 2017 International AGM, Martin Clapson, Price Bailey, UK was elected as Global Chairman and John Campbell, Hilborn LLP, Canada was elected as Global Vice-Chairman.  John continues to serves as IAPA Treasurer.  These terms will be held for one year.

IAPA said of the announcement:

“IAPA is delighted that Martin and John were both voted unanimously to become IAPA’s Global Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively. 

Over the last 10 months, in the absence of an IAPA CEO and Global Chairman, Martin has been at the helm of the association, redefining IAPA’s global strategy, playing a pivotal role in ensuring member global needs have been supported and revitalising the association with fresh, positive energy.  John as IAPA Treasurer has also been instrumental in helping Martin and the two work excellently together. 

The unanimous vote electing them to these positions reflects their success and member confidence that their leadership will continue to take IAPA forward.

Martin Clapson
John Campbell
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