09 January 2019
January 2019

IAPA had the pleasure of welcoming Dave McKinlay, Director of Technology, Deloitte Australia, to its international conference in Miami, November 2018 to showcase new technologies and highlight how these tools can help accounting and business advisory firms transform by making their processes more efficient, improving their bank balances and freeing up more precious hours each week.

Dave works with Deloitte’s global offices on finding the right software to enable firms to; automate manual processes, reduce admin time/costs, reallocate staff to higher value (billable!) work, and provide a better client experience.  He also assists small and mid-market firms around the world to determine the right “tech stack” for them. 

Following on from the success of his presentation in Miami, Dave is pleased to introduce himself to the whole IAPA membership and explain what he has in store for IAPA members in 2019:

"Happy New Year IAPA Members!

My colleague and I were thrilled to join you in Miami at your 2018 World Conference and we look forward to another exciting year as technology partners of IAPA.

For those we didn’t meet in Miami, please allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Dave McKinlay, a Director of Technology at Deloitte Australia.  We have partnerships with several leading software vendors but my focus is on tools specifically for accounting firms. 

I have partnered with IAPA to deliver you, as members, insights on different technologies for your firm.  This year I’ll be hosting a series of webinars, with a “Software Spotlight” per quarter.  Each quarter we’ll look at a tool, or a group of tools, by practice area - such as; Marketing, Client On-Boarding, Cloud General Ledgers, Practice Management, Tax, Audit and others.  We will be led by you as members on what practice areas you’d like to learn more about so please provide feedback to me or the IAPA Centre.

Our first webinar will be in March and the focus will be on Client On-Boarding.  Our Software Spotlight will be on Practice Ignition, an Australian based software company that helps accounting firms to; reduce debtors, reduce write-offs, reduce admin time/costs and improve client experience. To date, Practice Ignition is being used by over 2,500 accounting firms around the world, ranging from “one-man bands” to the Big 4 - Deloitte Australia is a client.

At Deloitte Australia, our success with Practice Ignition has been outstanding; we have reduced the time to create an engagement letter by 90%, reduced the time to annually re-engage clients by 87%, reduced debtors by 98%, reduced scope creep related write-offs by 25% and as our clients no longer have to “print-sign-scan” our engagement letters, we’ve had a reduction of 58% in time to receive signed engagement letters.

Thank you for your time, I’m excited to share some exciting tools that can truly transform your firm, improve your bank balance and free up more precious hours each week.

Dave McKinlay"

So please watch this space - and keep a look out for the IAPA webinars scheduled for 2019 and specifically Dave's Client On-Boarding webinar in March.

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