04 March 2019
March 2019

New Crisis and Insolvency Code: (D.lgs. 14/2019) introduce for the first time an organic discipline with regard to employment relationship in the event of company affected by crisis.

2019 Budget Law: such of the financial provisions for 2019 are related to labour laws: in particular, affecting employment, pensions and mobility.

Dignity Decree: in addition to restrain the applicative field for flexible work, the Decree introduced new elements of complexity in the Italian Labor Law. In particular the new rule on fixed-terms contract and staff agencies contract presents several critical issues.

Gig Economy: The government announced a legislative intervention aimed to regular the work relation between riders and the application of food delivery.

Whistleblowing: On November 15th 2017, with the Law n. 179, Italy enforced a new legal discipline on whistleblowing, completing the existent legislation for public employees and providing a separate process for private ones.

Social buffer: The Government (D.L. 119/2018) has reintroduced the possibility for total or partial downsizing companies’ case to request an extraordinary wage subsidy (CIGS) in crisis situations. The new provision is aims to safeguard employment by providing funds to enable companies in crisis to either continue operating or sell their business, by rehiring redundant employees.

For more information about the abovementioned matter, please visit the following link: http://morrirossetti.it/mm?id=2258

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