12 June 2019
June 2019

Sean McLoughney at Learning Curve provided IAPA members with an insightful webinar defining the importance of effective coaching.

Getting the best performance from your team starts with effective coaching. It greatly aids staff development, empowerment and the retention of talented personnel whilst improving productivity and contributing to business growth.

Sean explained that effective coaching is about identifying key behaviours and goals that drives performance within teams and understanding how they can be coached so that you can have a team that delivers desired results and staff that feel valued.

Sean discussed the principles of coaching and how these apply to delegation, which is a key coaching opportunity in a busy workplace environment. Sean provided a range of proven techniques and frameworks to help improve coaching skills for people at all levels, how to structure coaching sessions and why coaching should be a part of a businesses’ retention policy.

The key question, ‘do you correct or coach?’ found that 20% of webinar attendees only coached members of their team at least once a month, whilst 40% coached staff at least once a day.

A learning and development plan for staff was highlighted as a key contributor to effective coaching. The plan helps to engage with staff and help them explore and define their goals, what options are available to them, and the steps of how to help them succeed. 33% of webinar attendees stated that they do not have learning and development plans for staff.

Nurturing and developing people is a continuous process. As Richard Branson said “Train people well enough so they can leave, but treat them well enough so they want to stay!” Start effective coaching today.

If you are an IAPA member you can view the webinar recording and presentation slides here >>

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