13 February 2024
February 2024

PRÜFAG streamlines its' market offering to members of IAPA International.

Since joining IAPA International in 2020, member representation for the greater Zurich area in Switzerland has consisted of two separate companies, NRS and PRÜFAG. With both firms belonging to the same group, they have been ably represented over the last four years by partners Thomas Rutishauser (NRS) and Daniel Carotta (PRÜFAG).

We are delighted to announce that with immediate effect, both Thomas and Daniel continue their membership of IAPA International solely as member firm PRÜFAG.


FOR THOMAS RUTISHAUSER - Straight out of college, Thomas learnt his craft as an auditor in the industrial and trading sector of KPMG.  Working with international clients, he gained essential experience of financial reporting in accordance with IFRS and US GAAP.

In 2009 he and a former colleague founded the accounting and tax consulting firm – NRS Treuhand.  They further extended their offering in 2013 by taking over PRÜFAG, which, as part of a succession solution at the firm, allowed them to add essential payroll and audit services to their service line delivery.  However, in the Spring of 2023, Thomas and his NRS Partner made the decision to sell the firm to ‘Swiss Partners Group’.

FOR DANIEL CAROTTA - Having studied economics, Daniel first worked for Arthur Anderson and then Ernst & Young as an auditor within the corporate finance team.  Followed by a stint at UBS, working as a consultant in their Corporate Client Dept, he went on to join PKF in 2008.


When a former colleague of Thomas, from his time at KPMG went to work for Daniel, at PKF, they came to believe that Daniel and Thomas were so alike as people and professionals, that they would benefit from future collaboration.  So, in 2014, Thomas and Daniel were introduced and started meeting up regularly for lunch, planning on what their future might look like.

Fast forward to 2017; and Daniel finally joins PRÜFAG.  Quickly growing within the firm, Daniel became head of the Audit department in 2019, and in 2020 he became joint managing partner of PRÜFAG with Thomas.


“PRÜFAG is the right address for more complex matters and for when client needs have an international dimension. In the area of audit, the team audits subsidiaries of international groups and in the assurance arena, they prepare reconciliations from IFRS and US GAAP to Swiss law preparing statutory financial statements”.

To maximise their service lines, the team at Prüfag provides expert tax compliance and advisory services for corporate clients, as well as managing client payroll and HR administration requirements.

PRÜFAG as an IAPA member:

Having joined IAPA in the January of 2020, both Thomas and Daniel commented that they “continue to enjoy working with members internationally”, and even though “COVID-19 was not the easiest time to get to know other members” so early on in their membership, they have formed strong bonds with member firms across Europe and internationally. 

With their commitment always visible through their continued presence at events both regional and international, Thomas and Daniel look forward to expanding their reach as they look to further deepen their relationships through participation at international events this year.


Away from work, both Thomas and Daniel are dedicated family men with two children a piece, navigating the complexities of a healthy work/life balance.

Whilst Daniel enjoys jogging, playing golf with an avid appetite for reading and ‘capital markets’, Thomas enjoys skiing in winter, playing golf when good weather allows, and has a passion for aviation.


Connect with Thomas Rutishauser on: LinkedIn

Connect with Daniel Carotta on: LinkedIn

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