24 August 2017
August 2017
  • Ranking of accounting firms 2017 - DUN'S 100: This year, the  Stark & Stark accounting firm was ranked at the 36th place, a significant upgrade from the 47th place the previous year.
  •  Iris Stark was recently announced as being Accounting & Auditing Adviser of the Year – Israel, by Finance Monthly Global Awards 2017.
  • Iris Stark was also announced as Most Influential Woman in Accounting Services – Israel, by Women in Wealth Awards 2017 hosted by Wealth & Finance International.
  • The Israeli (Japanese) company – IQP – owned by Mr. Guy Kaplinsky, a big client of the Stark & Stark firm, was recently sold to the global General Electric Company for 40 million USD.
  • The Stark & Stark firm has recently won a tender for the House of the Israeli President, Mr. Reuven Rivlin, as internal auditors, a position to which many firms competed for, and will soon get in work.
  • Iris Stark is now activating and promoting a new Bill for the Israeli Knesset (parliament), to increase the number of women in boards of directors. The Bill is in favor of the representation of 40% of women on board of directors (compared with only 17% today). Stark has convinced the Israeli Justice Minister to hold a hearing on the matter. Mrs. Stark was invited to the hearing, which is expected to take place in early October.
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