01 February 2016
February 2016

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Bertora y Asociados encouraging SMEs - the engine of the regional economy

"Back to the fiscal surplus, down inflation, restore reserves, sincerar the dollar, returning to be related to the international market, raising non-taxable minimum income readjust monotributo, among other challenges. A difficult task. Many points but in a systematic, orderly and considering the social aspect. "

This is the list that makes Norberto Bruschi, partner Bertora and Associates, on the challenges facing the Government of Mauricio Macri. 
Also, since the signing say will work hard to give a big boost to SMEs "which are the engine of the regional and national economy "through its professionalization.  
" the employer in this sector of the economy needs an adequate advice that will allow it to grow in an organized and professional, "he says.

What is the balance of 2015 and what they expect for 2016?
-The Year 2015 was a year of slight growth in the professional studio in constant values, maintaining the structure based on professionals who are strengthened in our discipline, while in the market, according to industry and industry, various scenarios were developed, with inflation according to private consultants, exceeds 25% per year.  
by 2016, with the change of government, a series of measures that will impact directly on expected costs, so a review in order to balance the numbers, and one opening to the expected recovery, a proper exchange with the outside in sight.

Which will be the main areas of work in 2016?
To consolidate our structure, grow in the market accompanying the rearrangement effects in companies that can move forward from macroeconomic measures put into practice and move towards growth slow but steady.

'After a year of little activity in M & A, what are the expectations for 2016?
With this change of government, it is understood that slowly return investments and Argentine firms to develop and hence an increase will arise in M & a activity. It happens in the United States, where IPOs are leaving the place to buy companies. They generate the necessary confidence in the country, investment return thanks to the wealth that we Argentines in our land.

What areas are most likely to attract investment?
Mainly energy, tourism and telecommunications. The automotive industry and this advance moderately traccionaría other sectors. In the area of energy, all that is oil or gas will require huge investments, as well as the area of electricity (another issue is the increase in tariffs). In terms of tourism, in several regions is needed to develop the necessary to remain the focus of international traveling structure. In telecommunications, there is a technological field developed.

What is the level of concern exists for corporate fraud? Do companies are working on the detection and prevention?
-While Concern is important, it is not the investment allocated to the prevention and detection. This year, the scams have increased, mainly due to financial need of those who cause. In this sense, large corporations and businesses who often spend higher proportion of investment compared to medium and small businesses.In the case of the sector, significant investments are made ​​in this regard, despite which, frauds remain.

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