06 December 2019
December 2019

Lisa Tierney, Certified life strategy coach and President of Tierney Coaching & Consulting, Inc. provided IAPA members with an informative webinar exploring the importance of marketing cultures within firms and how to effectively create them.

Lisa explained that marketing culture is a sense of awareness around the core offering of your firm and its perceived value, as experienced by the client – an understanding of the core values and fundamental beliefs that drive your firm’s actions, whilst ensuring you are genuinely aware of how your firm is truly perceived externally.

Key areas of focus were explored including clients, workforce, management style, employee morale, retention and Lisa reinforced the substantial benefits of regularly communicating and engaging with your specific target audience, highlighting core competencies and demonstrating the value of your offering, to improve awareness, engagement and perception.

28% of marketing leaders at an International association of CPA Firms surveyed, said that they are concerned about developing a marketing culture for their firm. By acknowledging the necessary steps in this webinar, and ensuring that the basic principles are embraced, will help build a valuable marketing mindset within your firm.

If you are an IAPA member you can view the webinar recording and presentation slides here >>

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