18 January 2023
January 2023

SOX Consult, a well-known compliance and financial consulting firm in Brazil, is now a member of the International Association of Professional Accountants (IAPA).

As an IAPA member, SOX Consult will have access to various international resources, opportunities for professional growth and the ability to connect with other top accountancy firms worldwide.

Welcoming SOX Consult to the association, Martin Clapson, IAPA CEO, said, "At IAPA, we are devoted to bringing together the best and brightest in the accounting profession from around the world to exchange ideas, experience, and best practices. We welcome SOX Consult to IAPA; the business has a proven track record of providing its customers with high-quality services. We are sure SOX Consult will be a great addition to our association."

"Joining IAPA is a fantastic opportunity for SOX Consult to engage with other industry leaders, share their regional knowledge and learn from IAPA's wide-ranging expertise. As a result of joining IAPA, the firm will be able to improve their international services even further."

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