15 November 2019
November 2019

Dear Members,

This is the tenth issue of my 'Blog'.
Wow! What a month!
IAPA was awarded Sustainability Champion of the Year by  International Accounting Bulletin 

As you know we started the month of October with “The Sustainability Champion” award granted to us by International Accounting Bulletin (IAB). For the first time in our history, IAPA was nominated and shortlisted for 3 categories and awarded in 1 category. It was a great night where we celebrated the award with our Global Chairman, Board members, UK200Group CEO and IAPA centre team members, all together!
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I would like to thank all parties who have contributed to achieving this great success, especially to our Global Chairman Martin Clapson, our Board members, all of our members and the IAPA centre team! This award gives us more motivation to focus on developing and delivering more solutions, benefits and services to our members and our sector.

Keynote in 6th Eurasian Forum of Accountants and Auditors

I was invited to speak at the 6th Eurasian Forum of Accountants and Auditors in Azerbaijan between October 10-12. It was a great opportunity for me to be able to speak about “IAPA: A Real Story of an International Organization: It is all about Relationship and Trust!”, which I presented to 180 delegates from 19 countries in Baku, Azerbaijan. The forum was also being broadcasted on national television in Azerbaijan. I was very proud of being able to represent IAPA worldwide.

3 new members from EMEA and new country coverage, Georgia
IAPA welcomes 3 new members from the EMEA region. Welcome to the IAPA Family! Georgia is a new area of coverage for IAPA. It is our 75th country - so welcome Georgia! 

We are pleased to announce that Latitude Law has become a UK200Group and IAPA International member. Latitude Law are expert UK Immigration Solicitors with offices in Manchester, Liverpool and London, providing invaluable specialist advice and legal representation to clients since 2007. A warm welcome to Gary and his colleagues.

Contact Partner: Gary McIndoe
Email: gmcindoe@latitudelaw.com
Tel: +44 (0)161 234 6800
Web: www.latitudelaw.com
We are pleased to announce that The Financial Solutions Group, based in Georgia, has been appointed as an IAPA International member. Financial Solutions Group (FSG) is an audit, accounting and consulting company founded in 2004 in Tbilisi, Georgia and has since kept its leading position on the market. They offer audit, accounting, taxation, consulting, legal and appraisal services, assist clients in communication with state institutions and tax litigations, as well as business start-up process. A warm welcome to Rusudan and her colleagues. They will be attending our Singapore conference, so you will have a chance to meet them over there.

Contact Partner
: Ms. Rusudan Abdushelishvili  
Email: r.abdushelishvili@fsgroup.ge
Tel: +995 598 36 07 51
Web: www.fsgroup.ge
We are pleased to announce that S.P.A.C Consulting, based in Ankara, Turkey, has been appointed as an IAPA International member. S.P.A.C. is a consultancy company that provides methodologies and application solutions on the global scale, related with Process Management and Process Perfection, and primarily in the fields of Lean Six Sigma and Innovation solutions, for its clients both in Turkey and around the world. A warm welcome to Akin and his colleagues. They will be attending our Singapore conference, so you will have a chance to meet them over there.

Contact Partner
: Mr Akin Polat  
Email: akin.polat@spac.com.tr
Tel: +9 (0312) 210 14 11
Web: www.spac.com.tr


2 new Strategic Partnerships: From Canada and from the USA
IAPA International has expanded its membership services by introducing additional strategic partners to the association.

IAPA partners with communications, coaching & leadership specialists Clearday Communications
Clearday Communications, based in Toronto, is a consulting firm that specialises in communications, executive coaching and leadership development, helping clients become more effective and confident communicators and leaders. I would like to thanks to Claire Carver Dias, PhD for making this possible.

Also I would like to thank to our member Mark Rintoul for introducing me to Claire Carver Dias, PhD in our Canadian Conference in Banff in September, where I was impressed with her session over there. Moreover, Claire is a synchronized swimmer with the Canadian Olympic Team and I am sure she will help our members to reach Olympic-level performance with her support.
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Whitman Business Advisors (WBA): is a consultancy that specializes in succession planning strategies for CPAs and CPA firms
WBA works with a range of CPA firms, from solo practitioners to top-ranking firms in the USA and understands the unique challenges and obstacles faced by CPA firms and tailors services to specifically match the needs and culture of their needs.

Further benefits for our members are on the way. I would like to thank to Philip Whitman and our USA Board member Norm Schulman for this support making this collaboration possible.
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10 member office visits in 5 different countries
Visiting member’s offices is a great way of getting to know you closely and understanding your needs for our management and increasing the unity of the organisation. This month I had a chance to visit 10 member offices in 5 countries -  in which 2 of them are our new members.  

  • New Member Visits in October 2019
    • Financial Solutions Group (FSG), Tbilisi, Georgia
    • S.P.A.C. Consultancy, Ankara, Turkey

IWG (Ingram Winter Green) Law, London, UK 
Visited IAPA and UK200Group member IWG in their London office. Special thanks to litigation partner Ben Horack for his kind hospitality and lunch discussion about their businesses. Great legal firm, with over 25 years of experience, offering services on corporate, litigation and property practices.

DG Tax & Audit, Ankara, Turkey 
Visited IAPA Ankara, Turkey member DG denetim DGS-TAX - Dogu SEVER’s office. It is a great office in the capital city of Turkey, empowered with its dynamic, reliable and specialist workforce. DG provides consultancy, taxation and auditing services to its valuable customers. Driven by change and equipped with a research oriented forward looking vision, DG enables its customers to execute their missions and take their vision into the future. Thanks for the hospitality!

Adel Law Firm, Ankara, Turkey 
I visited IAPA legal member ADEL Avukatlık Bürosu in Ankara, Turkey ADEL Avukatlık Bürosu has recently moved to their new, bigger office, so I conducted my “good luck 🍀” visit to their new office. Adel Law Office is a law firm located in Ankara, providing attorneyship and legal consultancy to local and foreign clients. The primary purpose of our office is; provide the best and fastest attorneyship and consultancy services to our clients for reach long term results. Adel Law Firm has formed the team of professionals who are committed to excellence with common values such as loyalty and responsibility in order to meet the needs of clients and provide the best service in the field of domestic law and international law. I would like to thank Oğuzhan Buhur, Hakan Gönenç, Cenker Göker and Ata Gumus for their hospitality!

BWT GmbH, Munich, Germany 
I visited IAPA Munich, Germany member BWT GmbH Christian Jagosch and Andrea Sandbichler. Great people and great timing! They have recently opened their new office in Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm which is close to Ingolstadt. Good luck 🙏🍀 with that! More importantly they have a new baby born in August, congratulations👏Wishing a great and bright future for Simon!

Liebhart & Kollegen, Stuttgart, Germany 
Visited IAPA Stuttgart member Juergen M. Liebhart, Liebhart & Kollegen. Another well-timed visit! Our member just launched their new website: https://www.liebhart-kollegen.de and recently re-branded. Congratulations and good luck 🍀 with those. Thanks for the warm welcome by the team.

TREU GmbH, Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany 
Visited IAPA Frankfurt, Germany member TREU-GMBH. TREU-GMBH was founded in 1921 and is one of Germany’s oldest auditing companies. Two business partners Dieter Sohr and Christian Saur provide top-quality services with their employees. We will celebrate the 100th year of our member and retirement of Dieter Sohr in 2 years time in Germany. Dieter Sohr you will be missed 🙏 for sure. Well done 👍 Christian Saur for perpetuating the profession in the 4th generation!

HPS, Herford, Germany 
Organized IAPA Deutschland 🇩🇪 meeting in HPS Steuerberatungsgesellschaft PartGmbB office in Herford, Germany. That was a great chance for visiting their office at the same time. They are a very strong and solid firm, which has 3 offices in the region. Also, they have a legal firm with 4 lawyers and have a digital firm supporting their clients on IT businesses. Martin Schrahe, thank you for the hospitality, it was great being in your office.

Stark & Stark, Tel Aviv, Israel 
Visited IAPA Israel member Stark & Stark, CPA Office. Stark & Stark, CPA was founded over 35 years ago and has been a member of IAPA for over 16 years! Iris Stark and Moshe Stark are the founding partners of the firm and great supporters of IAPA, where they hosted 2012 International Conference in Israel. Stark & Stark, CPA will be moving to their new 800 m2 office in 2020. I hope to come back for the celebration of their new office when it opens. Thanks for your great hospitality!

IAPA Deutschland Meeting
I attended the IAPA International Deutschland Meeting in HPS GmbB office in Herford, Germany with our Global Chairman, Martin Clapson. That was a great opportunity to meet with our German speaking members, where we discussed improving future German speaking events in the region. I would like to thank to our member HPS and Martin Schrahe for their hospitality for the meeting and the networking dinner afterwards.

Ankara, Turkey Members Together in a Dinner
During my member offices visits in Ankara, Turkey, I thought that it would be good to get all of our Ankara members together for dinner to increase the synergy between our legal, accountancy and new consultancy members. I would like to thank them for accepting my offer and attending the dinner in the capital town of Turkey. That was a great night together with our members.

Special and Meaningful Visit
As IAPA International CEO, I visited the Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ President, Iris Stark, at her presidency office in Israel.
Iris Stark is also an IAPA International Israel member and we are proud of her for being the first woman president of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel since the founding of the body in 1931! Iris Stark is definitely raising the profile of the institute and preparing it for the next era with her great vision and continued efforts.  
Well done Iris Stark!

Our monthly International Board meeting conference call took place on 9 October 2019. It is great meeting with our board members, where we can touch basis frequently to run the organization with great consensus.

40th Anniversary - International Conference in Singapore 
We have reached our target: We have now achieved over 100 delegates registered to attend our Singapore Conference! Thank you very much for your support of our organisation. I am pretty sure that Singapore will be a remarkable IAPA conference where we will also be celebrating our 40th anniversary with over 100 people in this magnificent country!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Step by step, we are now approaching 200 IAPA members. I am glad to see that our IAPA family is growing all around the world with new members joining from different jurisdictions. Growing is important, but improving the quality and responsiveness within the organisation is more important than anything else. Therefore we will always focus on the sustainable development goals of our organisation and in our environment.

I look forward to seeing you all at our Singapore Conference in the next week.

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